How is the +/- stat calculated?

The plus minus column (+/-) shows your team's point difference while a player is in the game. So if your team outscores the opponent by 10 points while Sally is in the game, then her +/- is +10. However, if the opponent outscores your team by 3 points while Jane is in the game, then Jane's +/- is -3. The game clock is not necessary for the +/- stat to be accurate, you only need to track all points for you & your opponent in the game.

How do I share box scores?

There are 3 different box scores available in the app.
Game box scores (Free): Teams -> Games -> (Select Game) -> Box Score
Player box scores (Requires Pro upgrade): Teams -> Roster -> (Select Player) -> Box Score
Season box scores (Requires Pro upgrade): Teams -> Season Stats
In any of the box score screens, tap the 'share' button in the top right to distribute using Email, Facebook, Twitter or link.

Why does it say my device is not currently setup to deliver mail?

Easy Stats uses the default Mail app on your phone to send email. Here are instructions how to set it up if you haven't already. If the send button is greyed out in the composer, make sure you have a valid email address in the to field.

Why is my email not sending?

Sometimes iOS will queue up outbound email to send later. Simply open the Mail app on your device to trigger pending email.

Why did I not receive a confirmation email after sign up?

Some email clients put the confirmation in the junk/spam folder. You can search for the sender

Is it free to share game box scores?

Yes, game box scores are free. Access to the more advanced player & season box scores require purchasing the Pro upgrade.

Can I track stats for players on the opponent's team?

Easy Stats is only for tracking players on your team. To make things easier the opponent's stats are tracked as a group.

How many games are allowed in the free version?

Infinite. You can have as many games, players, and teams as you want for free.

Can I go back and edit or delete a stat?

Yes. You can go to Teams -> Games -> (Select Game) -> Log. Then select the stat you want to edit. You can change the type of stat or the player responsible. You can delete the stat by tapping the trashcan icon in the top right. During games, you can quickly edit a stat by swiping left across its cell.

How do I edit the game clock?

To quickly edit the time remaining, tap the pencil/paper icon to the right of the game clock.

How do I end the current quarter, half, overtime?

Tap the pencil icon directly to the left of the game clock.

When do team foul counts reset?

Team foul counts automatically reset at the end of the quarter, half or overtime period by default.

Can I 'redo' an 'undo' during a game?

If you accidently press undo while keeping stats, you can press and hold the same button to redo.

How do I remove a player and their stats from a game?

If you accidently sub in a player, you can remove the player from the game by removing them from all the affected lineups.
Teams -> Games -> (Select Game) -> Log
Find all the lineups that include the player, tap edit, then remove.

Why do the fg and 3pt columns not add up to total points?

This is due to the common confusion over the meaning of the fg column. The fg column includes all field goals including both 2pt and 3pt shots.

Can I sort players by their jersey number?

Yes. Just enable this option in the 'Settings' menu, you may need to scroll down. You can find this menu from the in-game popup menu (3 line button) or when creating a new game.

How do I hide or deactivate players that are not playing?

Go to Teams -> Roster -> (Select Player) -> Edit (top right). Enable the 'Hide player' switch, you might need to scroll down.

Can I see shooting percentages for my team or players?

You can see percentages from any of the summary screens. Tap on a stat cell to toggle between made-attempts and percentages.
Teams -> Team Summary
Teams -> Roster -> (Select Player)
Teams -> Games -> (Select Game)

How do I show percentages in the box scores

You can enable percent columns in your box scores from the box score settings screen. Tap the 'gear' icon in the top right of the box score screen and then enable the corresponding switch.

Do other people need to download the app to see stats?

No. You can easily distribute box scores for free with an Email, link, or using Facebook or Twitter by pressing the share button at the top right of any of the box score screens.

How do I change the date a game was played?

Teams -> Games -> (Select Game) -> Edit

How do I sync with other devices?

Syncing your teams and data across devices is very useful if you have multiple devices or multiple statkeepers. First you need to purchase the Pro upgrade. If the devices belong to the same iTunes user, you can tap the 'Already Purchased' button otherwise you must purchase the Pro upgrade for each iTunes user. Create an account with Easy Stats and sign into the same account on each device.
Teams -> (Select Team) -> Edit to enable syncing for a team.
Pro Account -> Sync Now to seamlessly sync your teams & data between devices. To avoid conflicts sync before and after making changes or recording stats.

Can multiple people keep stats for my team using their own device?

Yes. Each device must be signed into the same Easy Stats account. In order to create an account or sign in and use the syncing feature the device must have upgraded to Pro. Each iTunes account need only to purchase the upgrade once.

What's included in the Pro upgrade?

  • Personal box-scores for every player
  • Season total box-scores for every team
  • Player minutes tracking
  • Game clock
  • Team & opponent team totals
  • Player & lineup plus minus (+/-)
  • Lineup rankings for every stat
  • Sync teams & data across multiple iOS devices

Is the Pro Upgrade a subscription?

No. It's a single one time payment.

Is an internet connection required to use the app?

Internet is not required for normal use. It's only needed if/when you want to sync with other devices.

Why do I get a 'conflict' when I sync devices?

Conflicts occur when two or more devices change the same piece of information, such as a player's name, before either sync. Conflicts are usually not serious, choose 'replace' to use the current device's change or 'discard' to use the remote device's change. To avoid conflicts try to sync before and after recording stats or making changes.